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2013 Outstanding Chapter Award
Official Presentation
(Left to Right)

Calgary Chapter Chair:
Dale Tardiff

IAS Chapters & Membership Development
Committee (CMD) Chair:
Peter Magyar

2013 Outstanding Chapter Award
(Left to Right)

IAS President:
Blake Lloyd

Calgary Chapter Chair:
Dale Tardiff

Upcoming Events

June 1st: Partial Discharges in Electrical Insulation

September 26th: Grounding

October 24th to 27th: Power System Stability and Control

November 21st: Protective Relays: Principles of Applications

Mission Possible

2013 has been a successful year for the Southern Alberta Section IAS/PES Chapter. We were honored by the PES as a High Performance Chapter, and by the IAS as an Outstanding Joint Chapter. These awards are the result of a great volunteer effort, the support of our sponsors, and the enthusiasm of our members in organizing and participating in the many events we have organized.

In the past 6 years Southern Alberta Section of the IEEE hosted a number of world class electrical power and industry conferences and workshops. These meetings varied in size from a few hundred to over 2000 attendees. Among these respected technical gatherings were:

  • 2012 IEEE Electrical Safety, Technical and Mega Projects Workshop,
  • 2010 IEEE Electrical Safety, Technical and Mega Projects Workshop,
  • 2009 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting,
  • 2009 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Technical Conference,
  • 2008 North American Power Symposium (NAPS),
  • 2007 IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference.

Following the success of these conferences, in January 2011 we started our evening seminar series. The first seminar was a presentation by Rick Paes on Variable Speed Drives. The seminar was attended by 30 people and took place at the U of C Dept of Electrical Engineering. This was followed by several more successful seminars. Attendance grew and we moved from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering to the Nexen center downtown, before settling at our current home, the University of Calgary Downtown Campus. Attendance now varies from 100 - 250 people, depending on the topic. Many of our presenters are world class experts in their fields. We now host 5 evening seminars per year, in both Calgary and Edmonton through our partnership with the Northern Canada Section. In addition, we have been able to provide our members several 1 day tutorials and recently delivered a 4 day Power Systems course that sold out and was well received by those attending.  

For our IEEE membership in particular and for the electrical engineers in Southern Alberta in general, these were tremendous windows of opportunity to interface with industry experts around the world. It is our goal to provide excellent professional development opportunities for the engineering community in Alberta. In this rapidly changing field, our IEEE membership allows us to liaison with others, find out what is new, and assist in setting direction for the industry.

For our volunteer members of the Power Energy / Industry Applications (PES/IAS) Joint Chapter, they meant a lot of volunteer work and remarkable gain of experience planning, organizing and running these events.  Well, we want to ensure sustainability and continuous improvements. We want to make sure that the selection of topics will continue to address the interest of our audience, and that we are bringing the right speakers to best address each topic. We would like to attract our young engineers and our engineering students to participate in organizing, attending and learning from these events. In general we attempt to reflect the IEEE's excellence in harnessing the experience of our members and transfer it to the next generation of electrical engineers. In 2014 we will again host 5 evening seminars, as well as the IEEE Electrical Safety, Technical and Mega Projects Workshop (ESTMP 2014) in March and the IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC 2014) in November. 

Your support in volunteering for the events, participation in them and assistance in securing sponsors are cornerstones in our success.  We count on you, and your commitment and we know that with such commitment, achieving our mission will be possible, and our success in the future will be even bigger.